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Principles of Corporate Governance

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Download Corporate Governance DocumentationPrinciples of Corporate Governance
AMD’s Board of Directors is responsible for selecting the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, monitoring the operating performance and financial condition of the Company, and overseeing the Company’s adherence to corporate standards.

The AMD Board has developed a set of Principles of Corporate Governance as a framework for its oversight activities devoted to protecting and advancing the long-term interests of shareholders and other stakeholders—including employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, and the communities where we operate.

The AMD Board will continue to assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of these principles and to update these guidelines periodically as needed.

AMD employees can report illegal activities, violations of the Worldwide Standards of Business Conduct or obtain guidance about AMD policies by calling the AMD AlertLine (1-800-381-6221). The AlertLine is toll-free, multi-lingual, accepts anonymous reports and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.