Quad-Core AMD Opteron(TM) Processors to Play a Lead Role in Lucasfilm's Datacenter

AMD and Lucasfilm Share Vision for Breakthroughs in Energy-Efficient Digital Production of Movies, TV, and Interactive Gaming


At the launch of the new Quad Core AMD Opteron(TM) processor at Lucasfilm Ltd.'s Letterman Digital Arts Center (LDAC) today, AMD (NYSE:AMD) and Lucasfilm announced an expansion of the companies' relationship focused on building the world's most advanced and energy-efficient datacenters for producing digital arts and entertainment. Lucasfilm's global operations at the LDAC and in Singapore are currently powered by AMD Opteron processors to help create and render stunning visual content for dozens of major motion pictures, including the three most recent box office champions, among many others. Lucasfilm also uses AMD technology to create digital content for television programs and next-generation interactive games.

"We look forward to introducing Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors into production here at LDAC. AMD is a great technology partner for Lucasfilm in that they continue to innovate and push the boundaries of energy-efficient processing power," said Kevin Clark, Director of IT Operations for Lucasfilm. "We are consistently required to raise the bar by producing cutting-edge imagery, and AMD's Quad Core technology has the potential to make a substantial impact on our capabilities going forward. Coupled with our requirements of high performance is our desire to become a model of energy efficiency, and this is in lock-step with AMD's focus on delivering powerful yet energy-efficient processors."

With the introduction of the world's first native quad-core server processors, Lucasfilm looks to take advantage of the increased computing performance while maintaining the same thermal and cooling requirements as dual-core AMD Opteron processors.

"The Letterman Digital Arts Center forms the epicenter where next-generation movie-making meets next-generation interactive gaming. No other studio in the world has this capability or charter," said Charlie Boswell, director of Digital Media and Entertainment for AMD. "AMD and Lucasfilm share a vision of enabling the ultimate visual experience for consumers first by providing artists with technology that supports the creative process at the speed of inspiration and without hindrance."

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