The View from Our Corner of the Street

February 6, 2019 at 3:00 PM EST


Today, Mercury Research released its market share estimates for Q4 2018, showing strong sequential and year-over-year gains for AMD in all key segments – desktop, notebook and server – and further highlighting the momentum we built in 2018 for Ryzen and EPYC processors.

  • In Q4 2018, AMD gained market share in all segments – desktop, mobile, and server sequentially and year over year - the fourth straight quarter of gains in all segments for AMD.
  • In desktop, excluding IoT units, AMD share increased to 15.8%, our highest desktop share since Q4 2014.
  • In mobile CPU, excluding IoT units, AMD share rose 1.3 share points to 12.1%, quarter-to-quarter, our highest notebook share since Q3 2013.

A reminder about server market share and EPYC’s addressable market...

Mercury Research captures all x86 server class processors in their server unit estimate, regardless of device (server, network or storage).  AMD has consistently referred to the estimated 1P and 2P TAM provided by IDC which includes traditional servers.  The IDC server forecast of 1P and 2P server TAM represents approximately 5M units per quarter to compute AMD server market share accomplishments.

  • In Q4 2018, AMD achieved ~5% unit share of the 1P and 2P server market addressed by our EPYC processors, as defined by IDC.  This equates to 3.2% of Mercury share using a larger TAM in markets that AMD products do not address.







Historical Comparison

Server (excluding IoT)

0.8% unit share

1.6% unit share

3.2% unit share

+1.5 share points

+2.4 share points

Highest since Q4 2014


12.0% unit share

13.0% unit share

15.8% unit share

+2.8 share points

+3.9 share points

Highest since Q4 2014

Notebook (excluding IoT)

6.9% unit share

10.9% unit share

12.1% unit share

+1.3 share points

+5.3 share points

Highest since Q3 2013

We are extremely proud of these accomplishments and the continued market traction for Ryzen and EPYC.